The assumption – mimicking eye drops usage – of alcoholic substances such as vodka or whisky in the eyes. Transgressive behaviour often filmed and shared online, in the most important social networks. This dangerous practice was born in France and in quickly spread itself in Great Britain and other European Countries under the assumption that the absorption of alcohol through the ocular mucosa creates an immediate “buzz”.

Summary of Socio-Legal aspects
Deviant behaviour which may be subject to prosecution by the Juvenile Prosecutor , with the authorisation of the Juvenile Court, accordingly to art. 25 “Statute Law applicable to children of irregular conduct or character” – R.D.L. n. 1404 del 1934 (Article amended by Law n. 888 del 1956) and/or of a civil litigation ex artt. 330 c.c. “Extinction of parental responsibility” and 333 c.c. “Harmful parental behaviour”.