A subtype of digital attack. It consists in the sending of a high number of messages, all identical, at the same mailbox. This is possible through programs called Mailbomber, and it causes the slowdown or crash of mail servers.

Summary of Socio-Legal aspects
Criminal behaviour: art. 635 bis c.p. (virtual criminal damages).

It is necessary to specify that rarely children perpetrate this behaviour.

See also: SPAMMING

Additional Information

Additional Information

This conduct might cause a breach of Italian Statutory Law, specifically:

Art. 635 bis c.p. Virtual Criminal Damages: ”Salvo che il fatto costituisca più grave reato, chiunque distrugge, deteriora, cancella, altera o sopprime informazioni, dati o programmi informatici altrui è punito, a querela della persona offesa, con la reclusione da sei mesi a tre anni….”.