Self-filming while a great quantity of alcohol is ingested in one intake, another person is named to emulate the gesture and then sharing the video online. The nominated person must replicate the behaviour [1].

There are other types of nomination which are not classifiable as deviant or risky (and. g. booknomination, which involves the quoting from a book and other people are nominated to do the same).

Summary of Socio-Legal aspects
Deviant behaviour which can cause the opening of an Administrative Litigation with the authorisation of the Juvenile Court ex artt. 25 “Statute Law applicable to children of irregular conduct or character” – R.D.L. n. 1404 del 1934 (Article amended by Law n. 888 del 1956) and 25 bis “Children who are victim or perpetrators of sexual crimes” – R.D.L. n. 1404 del 1934 (Article amended by art. 2, L. 3 August 1998, n. 269) and/or of a civil litigation ex artt. 330 c.c. “Extinction of parental responsibility” and 333 c.c. “Harmful parental behaviour”