The attempt to convince someone to click a hyperlink which will take them to a webpage completely different from what originally stated [1].

A famous example of Rickrolling is the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley, target of millions of redirections inflicted on many different users.

Summary of Socio-Legal aspects
Deviant behaviour fuelled by the desire to earn an illicit profit by increasing website traffic.

This conduct becomes criminal if the website used for redirection gains an illicit profit thanks to the increased traffic, art. 640 c.p. (fraud).

It is necessary to specify that rarely children perpetrate this behaviour.


Additional Information

Additional Information

This conduct might cause a breach of Italian Statutory Law, and specifically integrate the requirements of the following criminal cases:

Art. 640 c.p. Fraud:Chiunque, con artifizi o raggiri, inducendo taluno in errore, procura a sé o ad altri un ingiusto profitto con altrui danno, è punito con la reclusione da sei mesi a tre anni and con la multa da € 51 a € 1.032. …”.

[1] http://www.italiano-dizionario.com