The Primer: instructions

iGloss@ 1.0 is a useful consultation instrument created by the Office for Studies, Research and International Activities of the Juvenile Justice Department, and by the IFOS, Master’s Degree in Clinical Criminology and Forensic Psychology. It is the brainchild of a multi-annual research project focused on deviant and criminal online behaviour during development.

The name was conceived by exploiting the oxymoron between modernity and tradition: on one side the particles “i” (part of very famous devices) and “@” (the at-sign), on the other side tradition with the words “γλῶσσα” and “abbecedàrio” (primer), the book used by Pinocchio when he tried to learn how to read. Inevitably, in the coming years it will be necessary to improve and enrich the glossary with successive editions, which will feature new words and greater explanations. The numeration of editions begins with 1.0.

iGloss@, available online both in Italian and English, was designed not only for social workers or judicial operators, but also for young people and their parents. It aims to be an easy-to-use instrument, in order to acquire essential and accurate information concerning unlawful online behaviour.

This product, edited by Luca Pisano, Isabella Mastropasqua and Valeria Cadau was produced with the collaboration of several national\international experts, and is endorsed by WiredSafety Inc., the American organisation founded by Dr. Parry Aftab, the worldwide-known expert of digital security.

Properties of the Glossary

The glossary is a compendium of specialist terms covering cybercrimes and abuse and at risk digital activities. Each term defined within “iGloss@” provides a brief explanation of the main features of the behaviour and a brief note concerning the socio-legal elements. One of the main aims of the project is child protection, because they can as easily become bad actors as well as victims. Because of this, some entries of the glossary concerning abusive behavior and victimization risk provide a more comprehensive description.

To facilitate a quick review of the terms and their order of risk, the entries in red and crime are potentially criminal and the terms in black and dev describe abusive behaviours which violate customs and commonly-accepted norms. Each abuse or criminal behaviour is paired with the relevant law, to put it in perspective. The objective it not just to describe and frame new phenomena of online risky and abusive behaviour, but also to improve the understanding of their social and legal consequences.

Purple designates links to other entries in the glossary similar to the examined term.